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At Ignite Consulting we focus to improve your technology seamlessly so that your return on investments (RoI) on IT and non-IT can be maximized in shortest time and you can focus on your core area. We are your trusted advisors and help you on everything you need from overall IT, managed IT consulting, IT support and any area related with advanced IT educational service to meet your needs.

From Business to Education to Government we have a service package for your unique needs.


Ignite Consulting’s IT consulting and IT support teams are built upon a foundation of solid know-how and around a culture of success. We work closely with your team to get to know you and your business processes in detail so we can deliver innovative strategies and solutions that reflect the heart of your organization and drive operational efficiencies, improve end user experience and enhance profitability. We guarantee 6-9 months time frame for your return on Investments(RoI) on your IT/non- IT investments on account of operational efficiency improvements, using design thinking methodologies and automations to improve your processes.

IT Consulting and IT Support


Our highly qualified consultants provide for business related IT help so they can help your business leverage technology to successfully meet your operational goals. Today’s businesses are only as good as the technology resources they can leverage to get the job done. Finding a reliable partner in IT support and management is the most effective way to get the results you’re looking for.


IT services and solutions designed to assist all major government sectors in achieving mission-critical IT objectives.  National and State wide programs are under increased scrutiny and yet they are constrained by budgetary requirements.  Finding the right IT solution to fit an Agency budget is more difficult than ever. Govt Agencies need to meet complex service requirements and public needs.


Learning is a never ending process. Everyday new things are learnt through Seminars, Books, Experience, Friends, Internet, Media and many other means. BUT the question is how many of us really put that learning into practice in order to check its worthiness. There are various reasons for this. Many of us are either fully engaged with work or we are occupied with some personal stuff.


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